Custom Vending Services has been serving Memphis and surrounding area since 1996.  We are large enough to fill your refreshment needs yet small enough to provide the personalized service our customers deserve.

Your one stop shop for refreshments serving the Memphis metro
area since 1996.
Let us design an office coffee program to fit your business

Whether you need a low profile brewer, a carafe warmer for your conference room, or a variety of airpots, we can customize our coffee service to fit your specific needs.  Equipment is provided at no cost.  We offer free delivery.  And there's no fuel surcharge...ever.


It's 2pm and you're craving a fresh blueberry muffin. No, maybe a low fat cereal bar. Either way we can satisfy your taste buds.....

We furnish selection menus and encourage our customers to choose their favorite snacks and drinks.  We offer all national brands and can create a product mix to please your entire staff.  In addition, we promote new products as they become available and offer this expanded variety to all of our customers


We Offer Full Line Vending
With our customized refreshment programs we offer snacks, soft drinks, juices, bottled water, sports drinks, energy drinks, vitamin water, milk and cold food.

In addition to sugar, creamer Sweet-N-Low, Equal and Splenda, we also offer cocoa, cider, flavored creamers and specialty teas.
And we offer all brands off coffee including Maxwell
House, Folgers, Excelso, Donut Shop & Starbucks.

Looking For Healthy Alternatives?
Ask about our FIT PICK nutritional program. We can designate a section of your vending machines to healthy choices for those who prefer fat free, low fat, sugar free, or low sodium refreshments.

Special Events?
When planning a function at your business we can help.  We can furnish drinks on ice, bulk snacks, or set the vendors to free vend during your event.  And we offer excellent pricing and flexible terms

Custom Vending Services
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